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The Benefits of Lazy Rivers vs. Swimming Pools

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The Benefits of Lazy Rivers vs. Swimming Pools

Posted by: Maria Cortes
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The Benefits of Lazy Rivers vs. Swimming Pools

Many homeowners throughout America have traditional swimming pools in their backyards. Pools are a great way to cool off, relax, and host fun parties. However, there are several benefits of lazy rivers over swimming pools to consider. Keep reading to learn how you can keep most of the advantages of a pool—plus additional perks—with a lazy river.

Safety Features

Most pools have different depth levels—a shallow end and a deep end. Because of this, we often tell children or inexperienced swimmers to stay away from the deep end. Most lazy rivers, however, maintain a consistent depth throughout, making it a potentially safer option for households with weaker swimmers who want to still want to enjoy the water.

Great for Exercise

Many people use their swimming pools for exercise, and swimming laps is a fantastic workout. However, one of the benefits of a lazy river over a swimming pool is, despite having lazy in the name, these rivers can provide even better workout opportunities. Since lazy rivers provide a current, swimming against that current is an excellent resistance-based workout to strengthen your muscles and have fun doing it.

Aesthetic Options

Pools can vary in shape and size, but the options are more limited than with lazy rivers. When building a lazy river, the course of the river is up to your creativity and desire. And unlike a pool, you can weave a lazy river in and out of its setting. For example, you can form a center island for a lounge, barbeque area, or lush garden. You could even build bridges over the lazy river, further integrating it into the setting. A traditional swimming pool may look nice, but a lazy river can become a personal oasis.

If you’d like to learn more about lazy river swimming pools, American Aqua Designs is the industry expert on fiberglass lazy rivers. Feel free to contact us anytime to speak with one of our specialists, who can help you figure out the best water features for your residence.

Author: Maria Cortes

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