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Frequently Asked Questions


Currently, American Aqua Designs has slides various-sized slides ranging from 13.5’ feet long on a 4.5’ elevation to slides as longs as 740’ feet long. AAD has many different types and styles to choose from.

We have slides starting at $2,095.00 and the prices go up from there.

American Aqua Designs is a 3 generation company making fiberglass slides. Fiberglass is a standard in the waterpark industry in providing strength, longevity, and durability. These standards are expected in the waterpark industry when putting families’ safety and wellbeing first. American Aqua Designs builds the backyard water slides to the same standards provided for the waterpark slides.

Plastic cannot be repaired when scratched, nor does it last long before discoloring, fading, and losing its strength to hold up to the weather.

Your local dealer can provide financing. Please contact us for the local dealer closest to you.

Please provide us with your contact information and the location where the installation will occur. We will get your local dealer to reach out to you to schedule your installation date, after you’ve placed your order.


American Aqua Designs created the Patio Pool or Cocktail Pool as a small footprint pool for the minimalist and small backyard. Our Pools are 8’ wide with 3’ or 4.5’ depth options. These pools can be as long as you want them to be or have room for.

American Aqua Designs is the manufacturer, but we have dealers who can provide a free estimate. Keep in mind that some dealers do charge a refundable fee for 3D pool designs.

The actual installation process will only take a week or so. But you must first determine the layout of your pool, the decking, landscaping you want, and then order your pool. American Aqua Designs can provide a pool in 3-6 weeks, but the schedule for your installation is set between you and your dealer.

We most certainly do. Financing is provided our local dealers. Please contact us to arrange a local dealer to contact you.

Lazy Rivers

Our lazy rivers sizes are currently 5’ wide x 2’ deep and 8’ wide x 3’ deep. They can be as long as you have room for.

There are many determining factors to address before pricing a Lazy River. Location, levelness of property, electrical connections, installation, permitting, engineering(if required by the state, county, or city), etc. If you have an interest in an American Aqua Design Lazy River please contact us today and we can work on getting an estimate together.

Absolutely! We finance Lazy Rivers through our local dealers. Please contact us to have us arrange a local dealer contact us.

We most certainly do. Financing is provided our local dealers. Please contact us to arrange a local dealer to contact you.