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The World's Only Manufacturers of Fiberglass Lazy Rivers

When it comes to fiberglass lazy rivers, we are the only manufacturer in the world. While there are numerous companies that manufacture waterslides and pools, American Aqua Designs is in a category all alone as the sole manufacturer of fiberglass lazy river pools. Due to the complexity and numerous challenges involved in manufacturing high-quality materials, many companies in the fiberglass sphere steer away from Lazy Rivers. At American Aqua Designs, we have pretty much pioneered the industry from its inception and created reliable, durable lazy river pools to make any home or commercial property look like paradise.

Commercial & Residential Fiberglass Lazy Rivers

American Aqua Designs has a long-standing reputation in the pool industry as one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass lazy rivers, pools, and waterslides. Consumers trust our brand name because they know it’s backed by over three generations of industry expertise and confidence in the quality and high standards American Aqua Designs has become associated with after so many years.

Our residential lazy rivers make homeowners feel like they’re on vacation, while our commercial lazy rivers make park guests feel relaxed while they’re on a trip. Find out for yourself why our name has become synonymous with quality, service, and value. Contact us, and our professional staff will happily help you find a backyard lazy river pool you’ll love and never want to get out of again.

World's Experts in Lazy Rivers

We pride ourselves on offering a superior made product and offer expert knowledge that comes from over 30 years in the industry. American Aqua Designs, Inc. knows fiberglass lazy rivers better than anyone in the business. Entrust your lazy river project to a premium-grade, American-made product. Purchase with confidence knowing your product is backed by a company that has been manufacturing Fiberglass lazy river swimming pools for over three generations.

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