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Winter Water Slide Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

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Winter Water Slide Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Posted by: Maria Cortes
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Winter Water Slide Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Many people know how to take care of their pool during the winter season. Balancing the chemicals with an anti-freezing agent or covering the pool are generally helpful; what about your pool accessories? If you have a water slide, here are some winter maintenance tips you need to know to prevent damage while it’s chilly outside.

Clear the Pipes

One of the largest risks for any plumbing system in the winter is water freezing in the pipes, expanding, and causing them to burst. Water slides often have their own hookups, and it may be a good idea to shut that off and drain as much water as possible from the pipes to reduce the risk of freezing.

Perform a Thorough Cleaning

When preparing your water slide for the winter, it’s always a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning and waxing so that it goes into the off-season in the best possible condition. Use a non-abrasive cleaner on the surface of your slide and apply a thin layer of wax to keep it in good shape.

Make Necessary Repairs

One winter water slide maintenance tip you need to know is that you may come across broken or damaged parts while cleaning. You should fix them immediately. If you leave any damaged pieces of your water slide to sit idly through the whole winter, they may worsen and become more difficult to fix when the weather starts to warm up again.

Apply a Cover

It’s not a bad idea to place some sort of insulator or cover over your water slide to protect it from colder temperatures or falling snow. An extra layer between the slide and the elements is beneficial ensures it remains in good condition until you’re ready to kick things off in the spring.

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Author: Maria Cortes

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