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The Best Commercial Fiberglass Lazy Rivers

Know what’s better than drifting along a lazy river in an idyllic vacation destination? Nothing, that’s what! As the leaders in Lazy Rivers, we are always asked about our opinion when it comes to large-scale commercial fiberglass lazy rivers. We’re often asked to share our insight and knowledge on lazy river requirements, structural engineering, and things of that nature.

From Concept to Commercial Enterprise

Chris Green, founder of American Aqua Designs devised a sectional, bolt-together system for building fiberglass water slides, and decided to use the same basic idea to build a fiberglass lazy river in his own backyard. The idea was simple in its conception, but radical for the industry.

Fiberglass Lazy Rivers

Taking Over the Industry

Since then the idea has taken hold throughout the country. American Aqua Designs is now responsible for the all of the fiberglass lazy rivers in the nation and continues to penetrate into the commercial sector. Consequently, we are the only fiberglass lazy river manufacturers.

The demand for our residential sector has been incredible the last ten years. As we’ve developed our commercial sector, we’ve found ourselves consulting on some of the most incredible large scale fiberglass lazy river projects. It’s also incredible to see our brand enjoyed by so many people. Our product is particularly popular in RV parks. Guests now get to enjoy the quality of a superior manufactured lazy river. Businesses also get the satisfaction of knowing they’ve invested wisely in their infrastructure with a premium made product guaranteed to last and hold up to the strains of commercial usage that’s worth the cost of a fiberglass lazy river.

If you are interested in pursuing a commercial fiberglass lazy river for your property, by all means feel free to contact us today for pricing information and a list of dealers in your local area.

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