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7 Reasons Your Home Needs a Fiberglass Lazy River

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7 Reasons Your Home Needs a Fiberglass Lazy River

Posted by: Maria Cortes
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7 Reasons Your Home Needs a Fiberglass Lazy River

When homeowners need a way to beat the heat without going to the beach, they opt for a swimming pool in their backyard. It’s an easy way to cool off from the harsh sun rays and let the kids have a blast pretending to be mermaids and sea creatures. Another fantastic way to enjoy the sun is by lounging in a lazy river.

However, few homeowners know they can install lazy rivers on their properties. As long as they follow homeowner laws and rules, have enough room, and follow safety requirements, they can have a lazy river installed on their property. But do they make a better option than swimming pools? Let’s look at seven reasons homeowners should have a fiberglass lazy river on their property.

Swimming Pools vs. Lazy Rivers

Deciding between a swimming pool and a lazy river for your backyard can come with a few challenges. One thing to consider is swimming pools take on traditional shapes, such as squares, rectangles, or circles. Meanwhile, lazy rivers can go in various directions and allow water to flow in one direction consistently.

What you choose comes down to personal preferences. You might choose a swimming pool if you have children who love to splash and play. However, if you want a more leisurely and tranquil experience, a lazy river makes an excellent choice. When you go with a fiberglass lazy river, you will discover numerous benefits.

Why Invest in a Residential Fiberglass Lazy River?

So, should you invest in a fiberglass lazy river? Is it worth the initial cost, maintenance, and installation time? Let’s discuss why homeowners should have a fiberglass lazy river installed on their property.

Lazy Rivers are Relaxing and Fun

Fiberglass lazy rivers offer a lot of versatility and use for homeowners. They are a fun way to relax and have a good time. You can lounge in the water, get a good tan, host fun parties, and allow children to play fun games.

Additionally, they’re accommodating to get your body moving throughout the day. If you work a stationary job or don’t get out often, walking against the natural flow of a lazy river provides natural resistance, making your body work harder while you walk along the pool floor. Plus, the buoyancy of the water helps reduce pain in your joints.

Increases Home Value

It’s true that having a swimming pool can look appealing to new home buyers. However, when potential homebuyers see that your property has a fiberglass lazy river, they’ll sign those application papers in no time. Not only are lazy rivers visually appealing for home properties, but they also significantly increase your home’s value when you’re ready to sell.

Having a fiberglass lazy river installed on your property can increase your home value by as much as seven percent. That increased value can help with future closing costs, down payments, and other fees that come with moving to a new home. So, consider the profit of installing a fiberglass lazy river on your property.

Fiberglass Is Easy To Clean

Fiberglass is incredibly easy to clean and take care of compared to gunite or vinyl. Due to the low maintenance of fiberglass, the accumulation of bacteria and algae is significantly lower.

Fiberglass has low porosity, which makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy their lazy river instead of consistently cleaning and replacing liners. Their low maintenance requirements make up for the initial costs, making it a fantastic investment for the long run.

Quick Installation Time

Compared to gunite and vinyl lazy rivers, fiberglass lazy rivers take considerably less time to install on your property. For example, concrete lazy rivers can take between three to six months to install, making them a time-consuming investment that might affect your summer fun.

Fiberglass lazy rivers take as little as two the three weeks to install. The installation time is significantly shorter because fiberglass lazy rivers come in one piece. All the contractors need to do is have the design ready, dig up the ground, and place the lazy river piece in.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Fiberglass is solid and durable against various ailments. The material comprises millions of polyester-resin-covered, interwoven glass threads that create a durable surface. It’s used in multiple applications, such as helicopters, airplanes, surfboards, yachts, and swimming pools.

When you invest in a fiberglass lazy river, the firm texture is also smooth to the touch, making an excellent surface for children to play on. You won’t have to worry about scrapes or scratches, allowing endless hours of fun.

Fewer Pool Chemicals

It’s common knowledge that traditional swimming pools require a concoction of chemicals to balance the water and prevent bacterial growth. However, fiberglass lazy rivers don’t need as much work as one would think. Fiberglass lazy rivers come with a gel coating that prevents corrosion, unlike concrete or vinyl surfaces.

As a result, the fiberglass doesn’t affect the pH of the pool water, requiring fewer chemicals to maintain the chlorine levels. You can also choose saltwater for your fiberglass lazy river as it won’t become tarnished. Because you won’t have to purchase pool chemicals constantly, you’ll also save more money.

Customizable Designs

Lazy rivers of the past are now being swept over by fun, customizable designs that many homeowners will love. Instead of going with a simply lazy river in a circular pattern, you can now find fiberglass lazy river designs that match the aesthetic of your backyard area.

Additionally, you can personalize the pattern you want them to go in, whether in a standard shape or with multiple twists and turns. You can have a fun lazy river that not only entertains your guests but also looks eye-catching and elegant in your backyard space.

When you’re ready to have a lazy fiberglass river installed on your property, look no further than American Aqua Designs. We are a fiberglass swimming pool, lazy river, and pool slide manufacturer that will provide a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor oasis you’ll use every day.

We believe in delivering high-quality fiberglass products that will entertain you for years to come and pull the look of your home together. If you have any questions about our fiberglass pools and products, please get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you get started.

7 Reasons Your Home Needs a Fiberglass Lazy River
Author: Maria Cortes

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