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Tips for Designing a Residential Lazy River

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Tips for Designing a Residential Lazy River

Posted by: Maria Cortes
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Tips for Designing a Residential Lazy River

Lazy rivers are a relaxing, therapeutic way to spend solo time in the sun or lounge around with a few friends. Most of the time, you get granted access to a lazy river at water parks or tropical hotels. However, more homeowners are starting to transform their backyards into tranquil oases by installing lazy rivers.

Luckily, if you have additional space on your property and don’t have conflicts with your HOA, you can get a lazy river installed. So let’s review a few residential lazy river designing tips to help you complete the backyard oasis of your dreams.

Know Your Budget

Depending on the shape and size of your lazy river, you should have an established budget before installation. When you’re going through a contractor, ensuring you’re paying the appropriate fees, and customizing the lazy river you want, you want to ensure that you stay within your budget. Whether you go with a simple oval-shaped lazy river or a more complex design, ensure that you don’t cut corners and allow for add-ons to improve your lazy river’s quality.

Consider Your Property Size

Your property space will determine whether a lazy river can fit in your backyard. For example, you can install a 24ft x 32ft x 75in size lazy river that fits perfectly in your backyard. Ensure you have a copy of your property dimensions nearby to know exactly what will and won’t work.

Decide on Lazy River Features

A residential lazy river design tip you should consider is the features it will have. Lazy river design comes down to the size, dimensions, and speed. Depending on who lives in your home and resale value for the future, your lazy river must fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. For example, a slow-moving, fiberglass lazy river can perfectly fit empty nesters with plenty of opportunities for downtime. Lazy rivers with 3 feet water depth can provide excellent exercise for people with knee issues if they walk upstream or swimmers who want to swim against the current.

Understand Lazy River Maintenance

With each feature you add to your lazy river, the higher the maintenance can become. Labor costs, construction, and building can all affect the maintenance costs of your lazy river. Whether you use it year-round or seasonally, you’ll need chemical balancing products, water pump maintenance systems, and maintenance systems to prevent floating debris.

The installation of a lazy river on your property should be in the hands of a reliable company. At American Aqua Designs, we are a reliable fiberglass pool manufacturer that will help you create the lazy river of your dreams. We are the leader in high-quality residential and commercial fiberglass waterslides, patio pools, and lazy rivers that stand out against competitors. Contact us today to help you get started on your next lazy river and pool project.

Author: Maria Cortes

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