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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by: Maria Cortes
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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Keeping your pool in tip-top shape is essential for proper filtration, functioning pumps, and years of smiles and laughter. You must take time out of your schedule to ensure that your pool gets the maintenance and attention it deserves to work at its best.

However, it isn’t surprising when people forget or skip a few steps so that they can just focus on having fun all day or doing other things around the house. But there are a few repercussions that come with improper pool maintenance. So let’s discuss some common pool maintenance mistakes to avoid so that you can enjoy your pool without issues.

Failing To Vacuum and Brush Regularly

Every pool owner needs to know how to use a pool vacuum and brush to keep their pool pristine and clean. You will need a pool vacuum head, skim vac, telescopic pole, and a pool vacuum hose to pick up every piece of gunk and debris.

You must do more than just vacuuming, though. You also need to brush. Forgetting to use your pool brush is a common pool maintenance mistake that you should avoid. Using a pool brush will help scrub away scum that builds up and ruins your swimming pool surface.

Ignoring pH and Alkalinity Levels

There are a few consequences that come with unmonitored chemical levels. Firstly, balanced pH results in a healthy environment in your pool, so too much or too little can result in an unfavorable outcome.

If your pool pH is low, it’s at an acidic level. This can specifically result in a damaged pool pump and filter, chemical feeder, heater, solar blanket, maintenance equipment, and more. So ensure that you balance your chemicals properly to keep your pH stable.

Leaving Pool Filters Dirty

Your pool filters prevent bacteria and debris from entering your pool water and pumps. When your filters become dirty, they can allow algae to grow and debris to collect in your pool.

If you don’t clean your filters regularly, that can cause improper filtration and damage your pool pump motor. Soaking your filters in a muriatic acid solution can help remove bacteria and gunk. Ensure that you wear protective gear, rinse the filter, and let it dry in an open place.

Neglecting the Pool Water Level

The level of your pool water is more important than you’d think. While keeping your pool at an appropriate level seems straightforward, it’s quite complex.

Overfilling can result in backwash, debris, and dirt entering the pool. Additionally, water can splash up and drench your deck. If you underfill, the pool pump can start filtering air instead of water, resulting in a damaged pump.

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Author: Maria Cortes

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