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Can You Add a Water Slide to an Existing Pool?

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Can You Add a Water Slide to an Existing Pool?

Posted by: Maria Cortes
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Can You Add a Water Slide to an Existing Pool?

Swimming pools are a fantastic installation option for any homeowner. Not only are you creating years of fun, but you also increase the overall home value when you’re ready to sell. However, other add-ons to your swimming pool area sometimes don’t come until later due to time and budget constraints.

So, can you install a water slide on an existing swimming pool, or will it be too late? Let’s go over the installation requirements and benefits of water slides.

Water Slide Installation Requirements

While installing a water slide post-installation may seem like a good idea, it’s critical to know if you have space for it. Before progressing with placement, you should check the pool’s size, location, slide materials and format, and slide maintenance.

Additionally, you should become familiar with swimming pool slide safety in emergencies. Injuries can quickly occur, ranging from scrapes and bruises to falling from tall heights. So, ensure that you and visitors practice safe steps for maximum enjoyment.

Benefits of Water Slides

There are a handful of benefits that come with installing a water slide. Firstly, you can find the perfect slides that fit your pool’s given dimensions, colors, and style to match its theme exactly.

Additionally, water slides come with rigid materials for heightened durability and are reinforced against UV rays, temperature fluctuations, and shocks so everyone can have a good time. Lastly, it can improve the look of overall pool aesthetics.

Can You Install a Water Slide?

So, can you install a water slide onto your existing swimming pool? The answer is yes, as long as you rely on a reputable pool contractor to install the new water slide in your pool. Ensure that you have enough patio space and a plan ready for installation. Moreover, you can have a water source roughed in and capped for your water slide location.

Are you looking to install a water slide in your pool? Look no further than us at American Aqua Designs, where we offer fiberglass water slides for residential properties. Our fiberglass water slides come in three models: the Morning Star, the Honu, and the Honu II, with different colors to choose from. Our water slides will add more fun to your pool area, creating hours of entertainment for everyone. If you have questions about our water slides, please get in touch with us, and we’ll help you get started.

Author: Maria Cortes

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